PLA-great for prototyping and some small end use applications this material is also made from plants like corn and is bio-degradable. Comes in all colors of the rainbow.

Metal/PLA- These blends of metal powder and plastic make for a very aesthetic pleasing item. the part will have add weight and feel due to the metal and can be polished to give the metallic look. Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel.

Glow in the dark PLA- same as PLA but has additives that make it glow in the dark once charged by a bright light or a blacklight.

Wood/PLA- this material will feel and can be worked just like wood with wood fibers in the filament.

PETG-This material can be 100% recycled and is commonly found in water bottles. this material is has great strength and capable of with standing some heat regular PLA can not. 

UV responsive PETG- same as PETG but has an added benefit of being able to change the base color when exposed a blacklight. great for ravers because it will last show after show.

Performance PLA- This material has even more benefits than regular PLA but lacks some of the restrictions. the final product has superior finish on it and makes for a more appealing look, added strength and with standing heat. 

TPU/Flexible-this material varies in the end use but can great for vibration reduction , gaskets/seals. and more. the parts made with this are bendable and retain their shape.

Nylon- this material is very strong and has great end use applications where it will be need to take damage or bear certain amount of weight.

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