FREE Consultation

Do you have an idea or project that you aren't to sure how "3d printable" it really is? 

 Don't worry here at Printing Reality we offer free consultation about your project even if you decide not to use our service we just want make sure your item comes out how you have it in your head.

What do i get in the consultation?

We will review your sketch or picture to make sure that will be able to be printed and used in the way you want.

If you provide an stl file or go through our CAD service we ill give you an quote for printing based off instant quote generators found on the internet. 

We will have a list of materials and typical application about the material that the part can be printed in

How to get started?

Just send us an email at with some basic description and a sketch or picture as a reference  and i'll give you all the info i can provide to help you along your journey.

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