Cant Find Something You Like Try Our Custom Design Service

The beauty of 3d printing is to make an item that is tailored for your needs. Whether that be a certain color, design or function all can be achieved. In order to make the process easier if you already have a design file then it will go a lot smoother. It is possible for your idea to be printed into reality , simply giving me an image or sketch with dimensions for the final product will work most of the time.

 The build dimensions that my machine(s) can handle are 200mm(8")x250mm(10")x200mm(8"), also 180(7in)mmx180(7in)mmx280(11in)mm 300mm(11in)X300mm(11in)X400mm(15.5in)WxLxH.

 I would be glad to tweak any of the items in my product line to make a unique product or make something new! I am looking forward to see what amazing designs you all have dreamed up! Email me about any questions you have at

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